Straightforward and fair prices

Our prices are great value because they're guaranteed to be all you pay for the first hour. 95% of the jobs we go to are completed in an hour or less. There are no call-out charges and the only thing not included in our prices is any parts we might need.

Our normal price for any call-out:
£89 Great value fixed price, including all taxes

Our price for urgent emergencies during the evening or weekends:
£99 Great value fixed price, including all taxes

For our best value rates always book online - we charge an additional £5 per booking for telephone bookings to cover our costs.



When you book online Sofie will select the closest and most suitable plumber to fix your problem. She's also on hand to help and advise you.

Sofie will also be there in the unlikely event that a problem crops up - we offer a 12 month guarantee on all our work.


Get a price from one of our local plumbers and book them instantly online now:

We'll give you an instant price to fix your problem. We have engineers in and around your area available today and tomorrow - sometimes within minutes of you! There is no obligation to book.

Here's what our team are doing today:

  • Phil has unblocked a drain in your area
  • Mark has fixed a leak in your area
  • Dave has changed a tap in your area
  • Ian has serviced a boiler in your area
  • Steve has fixed a toilet leak in your area
  • Robert has replaced a shower in your area
  • Danny has unblocked a basin in your area